What is Logo Design

Logo Design is the process of defining and creating a word mark or icon for a business. A logo is not a brand, more so it is one component of a brand. It is the central word mark or picture mark a brand is built from and for small business owners not wanting to develop a full brand, it is a great place to start.

Having a professional logo enables business owners to begin the process of removing themselves as the key and central focus of their business. It allows them to promote a business, as a business rather than just them selves.


How do you design a logo?

Our mission is to guide you through the process, lending our years of  industry experience every step.

Logo design is a fun process and very revealing for a lot of business owners. Having run the process hundreds of times before, its important we don’t forget how daunting it can be for a new business owner. This is why we built a template and implemented a detailed system to go through.

  1. To make it easy and as painless as possible for our customers, but,
  2. Because it keeps us in check and makes sure we don’t forget how important it is to solidly go through each and every step.

Creative Brief

It starts with a Creative Brief. This is a series of questions that gets you clear on your “How and Why” for your business. They are designed to make you think about your business, Why you are doing it and how you approach each job as it comes up. This is important in getting your perfect customer. There are always enough customers out there, the trick is getting the perfect ones for you.

Choose a style

Choosing a style is never easy so we have come up with a method of understanding what you do and don’t like. We have a series of images that you can choose from, not as your end style of logo but designed to eliminate what you don’t like and then through process of elimination you end up with a list of styles you like.

Your Competition

Once we know what you like and what you don’t, plus being armed with your creative brief. We take a look at your industry, your competitors, past and future trends, where your business is aimed, plus a whole lot of other factors. We then go about designing a picture and/or word mark specifically for your business.

The Result

What we end up with is a series of designs we show to you. You then take your time and go over each of them. Remembering that we have trained our graphic designers not only to be creative and amazing at what they do, but more so they are trained to create logos that Work.

  • They will survive in the market place.
  • They work in the industry
  • They nail the brief perfectly
  • They suit the the business they are designed for
  • They are easy to read
  • They are memorable

Our focus when creating business logos is that they work. We train our Graphic Artists not only to be creative but more importantly to perfectly balance creativity with understanding the physiology of a consumer. For us having a pretty logo (or website) is not enough. It must engage a consumer, it must instill confidence and faith in the eye of existing and prospective customers.

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