Company Branding Design, What is it?

A Company Brand is often a difficult concept to grasp. Its one of the most often questions we hear.

Company Branding Design is the identification, organisation, development and creation of a companies identity. This is how they are seen and what people expect from them in all accounts of the purchasing and business life cycle. A company is an organised series of people, processors and transactions that are forever changing and evolving. Company branding and design is the art of bringing all of these together in a clear, concise and focused single message.

Imagine trying to explain a person to someone. How tall are they, what do they look like, what are their points of view on topics and situations, what are their beliefs, what do they want out of life, what do they focus most of their time on etc. Now imagine you want to date them. These become important questions, do their answers align with yours? Do you now want to involve them more into your life, are there better matches for you. Well companies have this same problem. Its our job as company branding designers to first identify, organize, develop and create all of the answers to these questions. We then present them to the world and all of their potential dates/users/customers/consumers. We want to be honest, truthful, appealing, memorable, desirable, engaging and make sure that they are included into peoples lives. This” is our job. Company Branding Designers.

Elements that make up a Company Brand


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