Here is a great example of how to include essential points into a marketing campaign. Whilst it doesn’t have everything, it packs so much into the 1:18 timeframe it’s definitely worth taking a look at a little more closely.

This ad uses most of the¬†points that Jonah Berger talks about in his book Contagious. A great way to look at things that go viral in today’s society.

Step 1. Social Currency – Wow what a great video to share… It makes me want to tell my friends about it. It makes me want to share this with people I know. An this is no mistake. It has great Social Currency. People like to be liked. We like to feel good amongst our peers, and what better way to get that than being able to bring value to others lives. When I watch this video I have these flickering thoughts of who else I know that would like this as well. I think about their faces as they watch it and cant wait to show them. This is why facebook buttons are so important on social media. It is because of Social Currency, that Social Media is as prevalent as it is today.

Step 2. Triggering to remind us – I love the triggers they have used in this video. Parking, billboards, How many times am I going to see someone parking and think if this video. Its very well done. It will be interesting to see if the brand Fiat pops into my head and how long I remember it from this video.

Step 3. Create Emotion – There are many emotions you can use tap into. I love the way they have many different people assisting with the parking. They are brilliantly acted and capture such a rounded group of the community. The young girl did such a great job and made me laugh when she threw her hands up in the air at the end.

Step 4. Practical Value – This is basically the notion of “News we can Use”. How informative is it to others and capturing that need to want to help others by providing them with something helpful. I use to often get cuttings of newspapers on some topic I was interested in from my mother or friends. These days its a Facebook forward or a post on my timeline of something I share in common with someone else. And this video has heaps of it. Entertainment value plus a practical message.

Step 5. Tell a story – Yes we have all heard this before and we all know that it’s important to do it but so many of us still get¬†stuck on this first and very important step. Your story is the setting. Its the carrier of the message itself. The story here is narrated beautifully. A great way to think of it is to write down how you would tell your friends about this ad. Take a moment to think what you would say to someone if you were to tell them about this video you just watched.

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