How to Optimize Your Shopping Cart Page

Shopping Cart Page Your shopping cart page is the stage in your customer interaction where the physical financial transaction takes place. Its so important to understand this clearly and I see so many businesses blow it right here. Let take a moment to really understand what this stage is. Imagine you going to the hairdressers. You’ve made your booking, you have your hair done and they whisk that cape off you showing you your finished style. Your really happy with it, you love it. Now as you stand up your thoughts change your from hair to the cost. For...

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10 Inspirational Customer Service Quotes to start your day

Customer Service Quotes 10 Customer Service Quotes to start your day. All to often in business we get caught up in the day to day running of a business. Our customers are the key to our business. Without customers, we have no business. We are here to service their needs. We produce so they can consume more effectively, more efficiently. We are all somebody’s ┬ácustomers. Treat your customers like you would like to be treated and you will always end up with those who are like minded. Here are some quotes to help you start your day in the...

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Brochures Posters Flyers Car Wraps

A brochure, Poster, Flyer and Car Wraps are considered Old School techniques, but that does not reduce the value of these tools and touch points in any way. In Fact I personally think in many ways it strengthens them. Facebook ads, Google Adwords and Joint Venture partnerships are amazing tools and have their place in any campaign, but there is nothing like physical, branded touch points. Creating an offline marketing campaign gives the viewer a sense of security. It gives them a sense that you care about your business in a non spam kind of way. Its crazy to think only a few years ago people were slapping “NO JUNK MAIL” stickers all over their mail boxes to try and control the deluge.

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